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    Unique piece fancy necklace in soft colors. This piece in different bazins and denim, is embroidered with cowrie shells and Swarovski crystals, shagreen, bronze, agates, speckled jasper ... chains. No clasp.

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    Unique piece bib in wax and bazin in soft and feminine colors. Mixing techniques including that of crochet, this necklace is adorned with an agate embroidered with glass beads, amethysts, quartz, labradorites, wood, swarovski crystals ... brass chain, lurex and bone pompom ... This atypical piece which sparkles everywhere, will illuminate you. Brass...

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    Unique piece necklace in wax, bazin, leathers ... Adorned with Swarovski crystals, glass beads, tiger's eye, silver, bronze, cowry ... in green, brown colors for a sober and ethnic chic plastron. Brass lobster clasp.

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    Original necklace with silk (of Eric Raisina), mixed with various leathers, bazin, wax ... This creation is embroidered with old African beads in glass paste, tinted agates, bronze... This piece tribal is asymmetrical and chic. This large embroidered agate will be perfect not to go unnoticed during a party! Brass lobster clasp.

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