Soon, you won’t be able to separate from your Toubab Paris jewels. So, you will find here some useful advices, easy to follow to take care of your new treasures.

Toothbrushes are ideal to clean up your fabrics jewels, with ornaments and reliefs. Use it delicately with warm water. If the dirt persists, soap the jewel in clear water.  We recommend not using too aggressive products. Indeed, these could stain or damage fabrics of your jewels.

Protect your Toubab Paris Jewels!

We advise to our customers to remove their jewels when they make works, to protect the jewels of important shocks. It is also recommended to avoid any contact with the make-up. Remember that Toubab Paris jewels must be exposed neither to the chlorine, nor to the salt water at the risk of being damaged.

However, we inform you that in case of deterioration of the jewel - broken clasp for example - Toubab Paris offers you a service of repair. Please contact us at:  +331. to know how to proceed.